Landlord Berates, Harasses, 80-year-old 2-War Veteran – Part 2

Janet Kaspar most direspectful landlord in the world

JANET L. KASPAR MEETUP.COM member_110450192

Above photos are that of Janet Kaspar alias Janet Louise Kaspar alias Janet L. Greene, the most Disrespectful, Vile, Disgusting, and Lying Landlord and person in the World.

Then on August 11, 2011, Kaspar appeared to be having some kind of meltdown, as Kaspar told me and several other tenants who happened to be on the front porch of my building that evening that after her daughter died she found a Mentor that taught her that human beings are programmed with emotions but should not have any emotions because they get in the way of life and the things you need to do.  So Kaspar told us that she has no emotions and neither should her tenants. I responded to Kaspar saying what you are doing and feeling is a “Coping Mechanism” to deal with or grieve your daughter’s death.

As an Expert (as defined in Black’s Law Dictionary) in Dysfunctional Families Issues, it’s obvious to me that Kaspar has a lot of “unfinished business” and lots of” left-over baggage” from childhood and her Marriages and other Love Relationships and is at least one of the reasons Kaspar Berates and talks to all the tenants and others in a Disrespectful and/or verbally and emotionally abusive tone of voice most of time, and also the reasons tenants and their guests cannot have a normal conversation with Kaspar or even have peaceful enjoyment of the property when she is around them.

Tenants from the other buildings have told me that their sinks are backing up and that Kaspar is asking them to fix problems rather than come to her. The door to the circuit breakers are padlocked in the 233-5th street N. Building so Tenants cannot get to it when their power goes out to reset it or to turn-off in case of an electrical fire in the building or their apartments.

 The hallways some of the buildings are full of roaches and are not regularly cleaned or mopped or exterminated because there is not any routine extermination in any of the buildings or apartments and tenants in at least one building say they have roaches in their apartments and cannot control them even after they clean and/or bomb spray their apartments.

Roofs at the 442-444-446-3rd Avenue North buildings are leaking and Kaspar moved some of the tenants to other apartments in other buildings.

Overgrowth ofGrass in big Courtyard had not been cut for 9-months was 3-feet high or more and a Housing Code Violation. Finally cut first week in November 2011 when this Writer-Tenant threatened to complain to Code enforcement.

The grass in the courtyard between 233 and 249-5th street north buildings was 3-feet high or more and was full of junk until about late last week  after I started writing Kaspar about Kolko and then Code Violations, among other things.





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